In today’s society somethings have become more socially acceptable while other things are more frowned upon than ever before.

Is Smoking Weed Wrong?

Like how it was not legal to drink alcohol during the prohibition period but now its socially and legally acceptable as an adult to drink with friends and family at occasions and during the weekends.

However on the other hand people may be asking themselves is smoking weed wrong or is it socially acceptable and okay?

Depending on how you look at it there are some different answers.

If you look at it from a jurisdictional point of view it really depends where you live and if weed is legal in your city.  If you live in a city where weed is not legal then by purchasing, possessing or consume marijuana you are breaking the law.

In this case you could argue that smoking weed is wrong.

However if you look at it from a moral point of view you may get a different answer. If you smoke weed as a way to help with mental or physical health issues then it is possible that smoking weed is not wrong and is the right answer.

You can also look it as if you smoke marijuana that you are damaging your lungs and your brain and therefore weed is bad and morally wrong.

Therefore depending on who you ask in society the question “is smoking weed wrong” you will get varying answers.

There cannot be a black and white answer when it comes to this question. It really is up to who you ask and how they think about the subject.

Back in the 70s when more people were considered “hippies” it was more socially acceptable for people to smoke marijuana. Therefore during this period a lot more people would smoke weed and they wouldn’t consider it a bad thing to do at all.

However as people learnt about the negative impacts of weed on their health the general consensus on is weed bad to smoke has changed.

But moving into the future of 2018 and on wards this may change again and people will be more open to smoking weed and thinking it isn’t wrong. The main reason being is because weed is becoming legal in more provinces and states than it has ever been before.

Making it legal by the government often changes peoples thoughts about the subject and makes it more acceptable as it is no longer an illegal activity.

So is smoking weed wrong? Yes and No. It really depends on who you ask.

It could be right or wrong for you depending on how you look at the subject. Look at all the reasons you have for and against smoking weed personally and you will find the answer you are looking for.

If you want to get more information about marijuana a great resource in Canada is which provides details about marijuana and purchasing it within Canada.

Why Do People Like Weed?

Why Do People Like Weed

For those people who do not think weed is wrong they have many reasons why they like weed.

There are a lot of benefits of smoking weed and therefore a lot of people like using it compared to other alternatives such as alcohol or other hard drugs.

Some of the benefits of smoking marijuana include:

  • Lower inhibitions
    • This means you will be more open to things such as talking to strangers and making new friends. You may be more likely to ask someone out you like on a date.
  • Quick relief of pain and stress
    • This can include both physical and mental
  • Personal and social perception
    • You can be perceived as someone who is life-loving, relaxed, peaceful, anti-conventional
  • Everything in life becomes less significant
    • What this means is that if plans fall through for a vacation or a weekend you aren’t disappointed because you can get high and not worry about the little stresses of life.
    • You don’t have to stress about the little things in life and they do matter and you won’t be sad because you can be calmed by weed.
  • Increase physical pleasures
    • Some people believe that being high will increase their experiences of life such as the foods they eat taste better and the movies and TV shows they watch become better.
    • The books they read become more engaging and the people they talk to become more interesting when they are high
  • Friendships with those who share your “hobby”
    • For people who smoke weed they tend to stick together in a group. Just like how people smoke nicotine stick together and take smoke breaks is the same is how people who smoke weed stick together.
    • There is a sense of camaraderie around the people who smoke weed compared to everyone else in society
  • Time passes by more quickly
    • For some, time goes slowly throughout the day when you are doing things you don’t enjoy in life. By smoking weed you can enjoy life no matter what you are doing and time will pass by more quickly.
  • Helps aid creativity
    • Some people claim that smoking cannabis can make them more creative. Some people can become more focuses on the tasks at hand and therefore be creative in what they are working on.

The Negatives Of Smoking Weed

However of course on the other side of all the benefits and why people like smoking weed is the negatives and the reasons why majority of people do not smoke it.

In order to get the full picture it is important to understand both sides of smoking marijuana.

Some of the costs associated with smoking weed include:

  • Risk of social disgrace and legal punishment. If marijuana is not legal in your city you have the risk of being prosecuted
  • Hassle and Stress of secrets
    • It will be difficult to keep this secret from your loved ones, your family and your co-workers. Many of these people will frown upon smoking weed as they believe it is wrong and not agree with you liking to smoke weed.
  • Negative Stereotypes & Social Stigma
    • Many people in society will judge you based on your actions. People may believe that people who smoke pot as lazy, undisciplined, directionless and unmotivated people.
  • Health Issues
    • Smoking weed can have long term effects on memory and damage people lungs.
  • Lower inhibitions
    • Just as this can be a benefit or a reason people like smoking weed it can also be a negative as it means people are more likely to be lazy and watch too much TV and snack too much instead of doing productive things.
  • Pot Hangover
    • As you would get a hangover from drinking too much alcohol you can also get one from smoking too much pot. It won’t be as intense as alcohol but still you will have a periods of grogginess
  • Getting bored when sober
    • Since you may be so use to being high you will get bored very easily of everyday life activities more easily.
  • Risk of addiction

There are also some other negatives of smoking weed as well that can be discussed but this is a general idea of the opposite side of why people like smoking pot and the negative side effects.


To answer the question is smoking weed wrong really depends on who you ask. You will get a different answer depending on who you discuss the question with. Smoking can be wrong to some while smoking marijuana can be fine to others and beneficial to their well being and health.

And to answer why do people like weed there are a number of reasons ranging from friendship, to lowering pain and stress to helping people be creative.

It is also important to note that there can be some negative impacts of smoking marijuana as well to consider.

Is Smoking Weed Wrong & Why Do People Like Weed?